Monday, November 19, 2012


So I'm reading the headlines to do research for the site I write for, and I see that Christina Aguilera is trending. This makes me wonder what on earth the singer could have done to be the number one trending topic on google news. My mine right away went to wondering if she had died, or gotten hurt, or arrested. None of these things is actually what happened. What happened was, she liked food.

The only part of the AMAs that I managed to catch last night was the part where Christina performed. I thought she looked amazing. I thought that she picked clothes that actually looked good on her body. Everything fit. She wasn't all sausaged in to her clothing. Sure it was revealing  and sure it was tight, but she didn't look gross. In fact I thought she looked amazing.

Maybe it's because I have a daughter now, that I'm starting to get more annoyed about all these body issues, but it's really annoying that this is news. It's annoying that weight is ever news. In fact unless the person has to be removed from their house by ambulance, then their weight should never make the news. EVER.

Know what else should never make the news? Anything involving a celebrity's kids, or divorce, except maybe to mention that had a kid, and got a divorce. That's it. The story should go like this: "so and so just ended their marriage of so many years." Then we should immediately move on to news that is actually news. Like, sex trafficking  or dogs that save other dogs, or Tim Horton's changing their cup sizes. You know, news that actually affects real people, living in the real world.

(My spell check is telling me that sausaged is not a real word. I think it's broken.).

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