Sunday, December 16, 2012


I made this statement on a friend's facebook profile the other day when the topic turned to society deciding to make the changes we needed, rather than letting the politicians do all the work. Or really, rather than leaving the politicians in charge, when they so clearly aren't getting anything done. I agreed with the sentiment. Even if we wanted the politicians to take control of everything, we as a people still govern what they need to think of as important. Or at least we should be able to. In the wake of the shooting in Newton, CT, it is important that we as a people stand up, and tell the people that govern our land, exactly what they need to do to keep us happy.

Now, I am Canadian, I might not have a say in things that happen south of the border, but that doesn't mean that I can't also be outraged at the actions of a people that live very close to my home. Not only that, some of these things are actions I would like to see taken in my own home and native land.

The number one thing: more scrutiny on what the media is allowed to report. I get that there is a "freedom of speech" thing going on, but maybe we need to sit down and have a discussion on what that freedom really means. Does it really mean that we can interview 6 year old's about how they felt as they watched their classmates gunned down? Hell should we even be talking to anyone under the age of 18 in a situation like this? Should the media be interviewing victims at all the day something like this happens? I know we can, but that doesn't mean we should. People doing this, need to stop right the fuck now. You're gross. Nothing you can do will change my opinion on that. If you're interviewing traumatized kids, you're gross. Like that gum I had to scrape off my shoe the other day. So stop it. You don't want to be gross sidewalk gum.

There is no reason that any of this should happen. All we have done is sensationalize other people's pain. I've gone on this rant before when it comes to the all consuming celebrity news coverage we get. It seems even more disgusting that we are doing the same thing to traumatized children. None of this is important information to know what happened. There were adults there. They can tell us when the time is right. They do not need to be telling us 10 minutes after everything happens.

While on that topic: whoever stated that the children were shot "too many times to count" needs to also stop being gross. PARENTS DO NOT NEED TO HEAR THAT IN THE MEDIA, YOU SICK FUCK.

The other thing that needs to be focused on: Mental Health. I know that a lot of people are throwing guns down as the number one thing that we need to focus on, but come on. It's important to understand that a lot of people don't just pick up guns and kill people. Most people that are healthy don't anyway. Healthy minded people don't even think it's a good idea to kill a lot of people. Even sick people can barely manage that. Sick people don't have the energy to kill a bunch of people. Mental Illness takes a lot out of a person. With one exception: When the person finally settles on a plan to kill themselves. A lot of calm comes over a person when they have finally decided how they are going to end their lives.

The important part, isn't even any of that. The important part, is paying attention to the people around you. To listening to what they have to say. To not brushing them off when they say that they are depressed. Not using the words "everyone feels this way sometimes" or "you just need to brush it off". For whatever reason we as a society have decided, not only what people get to feel, but that if they don't feel a certain way, then they aren't really supposed to be part of the world anyway.

Now I have no idea if the shooter at Newton, CT was actually sick. I didn't know him. I have no idea what his intentions are or any of that nonsense. It doesn't matter any more. It mattered a month ago. Now all that matters is the fact that this tragedy happened. We need to help these family's. We need to make giant tsunami type waves of change to make sure that these shootings happen less and less.

Also, if people could stop putting fucking metal rods that shoot metal pellets at other things, above humans that would be so awesome. Put your guns away you fuckheads. The saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people" rings hollow in a time when 20 kids were killed by a gun. A high powered rifle none the less. Worth a note: 22 kids in China attacked by another sick man, but with a knife. All 22 survived. Maybe it's the person. Or maybe guns really do actually kill people. At the very least, they make it many times easier. Also, what do you need all those guns for? Just in case the government decides to get all out of line? You know, in Canada we still have guns. Many guns. We keep them locked up, use them mostly for hunting. They will still be here to shoot the dictator, should one arise. We don't need no fancy assault rifle sitting around our house, or a glauck under our freaking jackets.

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