Thursday, August 02, 2012

I figured it out!

I really have been trying to figure out where my brain has gone these last two weeks, and I'm pretty sure that Batman took them. I'd like to say that I didn't get all wrapped up in the whole "psychologically disturbed man shoots up theater" thing, but I did. When I say I did though, I mean that the moment that people started talking about it, and talking about changing their weekend plans, my brother and I went to the movie and started making inappropriate jokes.

I can not imagine what the people, and the friends and families went through in that entire mess. I just can't. It's heartwarming to see how many people were willing to risk their lives for people. The whole thing was tragic.

Okay, now I'm going to say things that are probably less popular. First of all for everyone in the media that is using this as a reason to make guns harder to get, stop it. For everyone using this as a reason to say "look crazy people kill people not guns" stop it. To everyone that is thinking that this man needs to die to pay for his crimes, you could be right, but lets see if he's actually able to make his choices rationally first. He might have been, I don't know him. He might not have been, judging by the way he seems to be in the news. Once again, I do not know him, and therefore am not going to judge him. These are the things that I do know

  1. He is not the Joker. The joker has green hair, so already he has failed. It's possible he is colour blind though. I haven't looked into it. 
  2. He is very smart. He was working on a neuroscience degree. I don't know what one exactly, but I do know that neuroscience, is a more difficult one.
  3. He was very sick. Okay, this is the part that people are getting hung up on. It's clear to me, that when someone goes out and plans the way they do, and is paranoid enough to do the things he did, and shows enough of the signs of mental illness, that they are likely mentally ill. I didn't need him to come out and state that. In fact I'm guessing he's so mentally ill that he needed his lawyer to actually be the one that actually had to stand up and say stuff, because if he was then he likely would have said something very discriminating, though likely would have cemented an insanity plea. 
  4. Over reacting to this situation is, in it's self, insane. If I wanna wear a costume to a movie, then I'm gonna dress up like fucking Iron Man and I'm going to go to a movie!
  5. Batman, did not inspire this man. Batman doesn't like guns. Or killing. The killing thing makes him better than Superman. Superman doesn't have a no killing rule. 
  6. The Joker did not inspire this man. The joker wouldn't have picked a crowded room and an automatic weapon. Way too easy. Also a Batman movie woulda been a little too on the nose. He would have picked like, Magic Mike. And he woulda been naked. Joker likes a challenge. 
Those things aside, I don't know much. Someone more qualified than me will make the choice of what happens to this disturbed man. At least I hope so.

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