Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Joys.

I hate summer. Hate it. I know that it seems to be the taboo thing to say, because I'm supposed to love the hot, and the sun, and the tanning, and the beach, but I don't. I don't like any of that. I like alcohol on the beach, but I really would prefer the temperature outside to be just under 15 degrees C. This whole 42 degree bull shit is just insane. I also don't want to be someone that points out anything new, but I think there might be some sort of global warming thing happening.

I mean it can't just be me sitting up in northern Ontario who had really never experienced more than 28 degrees until about five years ago. I get that it's a pretty far fetched idea, but someone might want to look into it. From what I understand there has been "warming" all over the "globe". This weird ass trend of different weather, and stronger weather, and record setting high temperatures. Not to mention the areas that normally have drought now getting rain, and the areas that normally have a lot of rain getting a good amount of no rain. I'm not a scientist or anything, just something I've noticed. Someone who is a scientist might wanna get on this, before it starts something. Something like huge waves, or giant hurricanes....or like tectonic plate instability. You know, those things that NO ONE EVER WANTS TO TALK ABOUT CAUSE THEY ALL THINK IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN.

Ooops, sorry for yelling.

Also, if there is something to this, maybe I can make some money off it. Higgs boson knows I need another air conditioner.


  1. I don't enjoy the humid heat... but the dry heat is a-ok with me. Too bad I live in one of the most humid states in America. We have 2 of the worst cities in our country for asthma... and guess what I have? But i've lived in Arizona and worn jeans and a thick tee in 120 degree (Fahrenheit... what would that be Celsius?) with no problem... even walked about a mile to a friends house that way and was fine. Here... yeah right. You're constantly sticky... You wake up, you're sticky, you shower, you're sticky, you lay completely nude under a fan... YOU'RE STILL STICKY. Humidity blows.

    1. 120 is apparently about 48 c. Which is way too much. But I have been told that dry heat is a lot easier to handle. I wouldn't know what that was like. Humidity is evil.