Monday, July 09, 2012

Getting Lost

I have been trying to get experience in freelance writing, so that I can get more jobs. The problem with this is that the jobs that have been presented to me, are ridiculous. I realize that if I want to get experience then I should take the jobs that I am given, but frankly I am not rewriting an article about sun rooms 4 times. First off, I don't know anything about sun rooms. Second there is about 200 words you can write about sun rooms, not 700. I had 15 more articles to write like that, the second in the line was Patio Rooms. I really didn't have the heart to tell the guy that patio rooms and sun rooms are the exact same thing, so says every source I looked up. Very frustrating.

Today I got a request to do an article about eyelid plastic surgery being done in India. I was supposed to tell everyone why they should go get it done there and what the surgery is about. I don't feel comfortable about that either. I don't think there is enough research I could do where I would feel comfortable writing about having surgery done there just because it's cheaper. I'm sure the surgeries are quite fine and turn out well more often than not. Just, I don't know anything about India.

Maybe I'm being too picky? I'm really not sure, but I do feel that since this is not my primary job that I should be able to at least find things that I can write about.

Also, I wrote one article on jogging/running, which was what the key words were, and I got a bad review because it had nothing to do with weight loss, which wasn't mentioned anywhere. BE MORE SPECIFIC! Dropped my ranking cause he was a douche.

Arg! says I.

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