Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Come On....

Alright I may get some slack for this, but I don't rightly care. I need to stop reading movie reviews. At least by people that aren't actually looking to watch movies for fun.

I get it, the movies these days are not as smart and as well thought out as movies from years ago. I get that those that are, are usually so into themselves that they forget that people might actually watch them. I also get that movies are being turned out so fast that it's pretty clear that they are only to make money.

These things do not excuse acting as though reviewing a movie makes you the best human on earth. You can expect more from your entertainment, but you still need to remember that these are in fact, just movies, made for entertainment. If you know that a movie is likely not going to be for you, please stop watching it. I can tell when you're going in pre-jaded. I can tell when you've judged the movie based on the actor or the theme. I'm not holding you at fault for this, everyone does it, but not everyone that does it claims to be an "expert" of movies.

Also, shut up. You don't know what I like.

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