Friday, July 13, 2012

When Did Movies Stop Trying?

I am sitting her watching The three Musketeers. The new version with cute boys I'm supposed to know, but don't. Worse yet, I have no idea what the fuck this movie was about. I liked the older musketeer movies, but this one just made no fucking sense at all. Something about stealing plans, and air ships, and a necklace or something.

It occurred to me while I was a fight scene that had no blood in it, that I wonder when movies stopped trying to get us to believe in the story. Even the movies that supposedly have story seem to be coming up short. It's like lately, you have to have a lot of explosions or a lot of talking. No combination of the two will do, with the exception of the Avengers (but that's because Joss is a fucking god, and anyone who disputes that needs to go sit in a corner). I'm having a really hard time caring about movies these days.

I do hit the occasional movie that makes me happen that I am able to sit through without trying to poke my eyes out, but it's rare. It makes me worry for The Dark Knight Rises. I want to like it. I'm sure that it's a perfectly fine Batman movie.I just worry that it will fall into the the third movie trap of: it's the last one so we have to cram anything we might have done in other movies all into this one and hope that no one notices. If it's a movie about Bane then be a movie about Bane. Don't be all 5 villains in one. No one cares then.

Also I think it's important to state that at this time I am very sad, and bitter because SDCC is right now and I live in CANADA, which is no where near there.

The bitterness did not affect my movie review. The Three Musketeers isn't good. They made it look like there would be another one. I fucking hope that was a big lie.

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