Sunday, June 03, 2012

WTF? Bath Salts lead to Zombism?

So I got a call yesterday from a friend. My Zombie Apocalypse planner guy to be honest. he called from work rather concerned about recent news items where people have been eating other humans. Recently the case of the man who ate the face of another man who was still alive. Face eating man had caused such worry in him that he needed to know for sure sure if he was shot in the head. He was already satisfied by the fact that he had been shot 4 times, but wanted to make sure that the zombie was "dead" dead.

After doing my own research and finding that, this was not the first case in the last month of another human eating bits of human and the one thing that these cases have in common is Bath Salts. Now from the article which is wiki, so it's hard to know for sure how true it is, these drugs are designer and act the same way as cocaine does. From my experience and my own research about these at work, this is close to the truth. Though I'm also finding that these drugs make people super strong, and they do things that they wouldn't normally do when they were sober.

I can't go into too much detail about the things that have happened at work for obvious confidentiality reasons, but I can tell you that I have seen cases of people recently coming to the unit after getting high on these designer drugs. They are usually brought in by cops, usually put in restraints and chemically restrained and they almost always sound completely normal and rational when they come off of the drugs.  It's a very concerning trend. It's concerning enough to know that it's possible that these drugs could be turning people into zombie like creatures (more 29 Days Later, less Walking Dead).

This of course has prompted me and said friend to start planning a bit more for the zombie take over. Sure right now it seems as though this trend only happens when people are high, but these drugs are so new we don't know the lasting effects of them yet. We don't know if the zombie-like effects could be permanent with enough use of the drug. What if those that are high on the drug, drug other people? What if some master Zombie gets the idea to pump these drugs into the air ventilation system of a building, thus causing a bunch of people to be high at the exact same time, and causing them all to go nuts at once. What if these same zombies suddenly begin to work together as a hive because the drug allows them to use parts of their brain that we haven't figured out how to master yet?

I've already wasted too much time on this to make defensive plans.

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