Monday, June 04, 2012

Bouncing back and forth

So I live in a land where whoever will give me the cheapest price on my equipment will be the one that gets my services. Today I got a call from the local cable company wondering if I would be willing to switch back to them. Now, I pay 65 a month for my internet alone because there is lots of downloading going on in this house, that doesn't include when we go over the allotted bandwidth which can then cause the price of the internet to jump about 20 more dollars. I already pay my phone company so very much money for the services that I do get.

Now I am on the phone with my current internet company discussing with them why I am switching from them to the cable company in the area. It always entertains me the way these conversations go. In this case my phone company was trying to tell me that they could get me a better deal than the one that I have. The problem was it was not a better deal than the one I was being offered from my cable company. The rest of the conversation was filled with awkward silences. Not once though did Bell tell me they were sorry they couldn't fix my issue. It was more of a..."oh well for you I guess, but I can't say that so I'm going to sit here in silence."

It's also entirely possible that it was a "Oh fuck I want to agree with her, but my boss is probably listening."

I know a lot of people are the later. I used to be those people. Look later for stories from the days in the call center, or Pits of hell if you will.

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