Thursday, May 31, 2012

TV Marathons

I have a history of doing TV marathons with various TV shows then not watching those shows for a very long time. This is something that actually runs in my family. I have sat down with my brother and my father and watched many, many seasons of NCIS, Bones, CSI and other TV shows all at once. Often three or four seasons of a show in a weeks span.

In my hope to get my daughter addicted to something else that is not the Big Bang Theory, I have moved onto House. This is probably to help fill the hole that the show is leaving in my soul as it has recently ended it's 8 year run. I have spent about ten hours today watching season 2 of House and the only things I am sure of is: my daughter is not convinced that this show is as good as her current favourite, and I will go to bed tonight and dream of the handsome British Dr. who is a jerk (yes I know that he's American, but Hugh Laurie isn't and in my mind he speaks with his normal accent).

Both of these things are going to haunt me well into tomorrow. Mostly the fact that Bean doesn't want to watch anything else. Maybe when I move on to Smallville next week she'll like that. If not...there's always Buffy. All one year olds like Buffy right? If she's my daughter then she should be born with the need to love everything that Joss created.

That's totally a requirement for life right?


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