Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cute Quota

It's a Saturday, or well I guess it's actually Sunday now, either way I was able to spend the entire day with my daughter and my girlfriend.

Today I learned a lot about why it is impossible to discipline toddlers. They are too fucking cute. Several times during the course of my daughter's exploration of the house, she runs across things that she just shouldn't have at all, which I'm told is a common thing children do, which she then captures and runs away with, all the while giggling. I think it's an early version of capture the flag. Except she's not that committed to the game. Usually she see's that she's being chased and tosses the object to confuse me and then turns and runs in the opposite direction. It's a small apartment so this plan doesn't work well. Unless of course her objective is to get the two of us laughing uncontrollably. Where was I going with this? Oh right, well this is a good outcome except for when she takes things like remote controls that I never see again. Or telephones. But by the time I realize what it was she actually took, I'm too busy laughing with her and making her laugh more to be anywhere near mad. Laughing discipline just doesn't work.

Second case: Telling her to stop licking me. I have an extreme dislike of tongues. Everyone's. FOR ANY REASON. My daughter though, seems to think the best thing in the world is to either a: lick, then blow a raspberry on my chest (ick), or b: stick her tongue out and wildly cover my face in tongue goo. It's not funny. it's gross. She however, thinks it's hilarious...and her laughter is very contagious. So once again, foiled!

Third case: When I do manage to actually calm down enough to give the child a stern voice and look, she looks up at me with these huge blue eyes...HUGE...and smiles.

Yeah, get mad at that. Dare you. 

So, my cute quota was filled today. It was a good day. I got lots of wonderful baby kisses, and I only got bit like one time (she gets a bit carried away). She totally needs to stop licking me though. blech. 

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