Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Uh oh...

My kid isn't like other kids.

I know all parents say that, in the "my kid is so smart" and the "my kid can play the kazoo" ways, but my kid just doesn't respond to things the way other kids do. I'm starting to think all the red bull I drank when I was pregnant might actually have changed the chemistry in her brain.

This really is only apparent when it comes to the TV. I know if I am to be a good parent I should be keeping my kid away from all screens until she's 10 and can sneak TV watching while I'm asleep. However, I live in the real world, and I have a job other than being a mom, so at the end of the day when I'm trying to put her to sleep, the TV is on. When she was super little it didn't matter, and even as she neared the one year mark, all that matter was that she was with mommy and getting her bedtime snuggle. When she hit about eleven months I started to notice that there was only one TV show that she would relax to...The Big Bang Theory.

Now, I have tried to get my kid to watch "kids" shows, but she yells at me when I put something animated on, which is already odd. She kind of gives me this look of "if you don't turn the talk show off I'm going to eat my vicks vapo rub", when I put day time TV on. So, in the last two months, I have watched more Big Bang Theory then I thought was possible. I also thought it was impossible to get sick of the show. I was wrong. I own seasons 2-5 (well okay 5 is downloaded until the blu-ray, but don't judge, needed new episodes), and I can't take it any more. Still, if she wont settle at night, Big Bang will make her put her head down and stick her thumb in her mouth as she watches Sheldon annoy the crap out of everyone.

Last night, I kind of hoped that there was something else to put on. I was tired and had already watched more than my share of Big Bang for the week, so I put on one of my PVR'd shows. It was 11pm and I didn't really know what else to do to get my sick baby to fall asleep, apparently that thing to do is put on a little show about two brothers battling the forces of evil. The good thing I guess is that I haven't yet watched all 7 seasons of Supernatural to death. Also it takes longer to go through a season of a one hour show than a season of a half hour show.

Still, my kid falls a sleep to geeky boys, and to people killing evil things. She's just not like normal kids. Maybe I'll never have to watch kids shows...

When I put it that way, it doesn't sound so bad actually....

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