Sunday, September 30, 2012

In sickness and well, more sickness.

I can only hope that this cold has finally decided to release it's completely gross hand that it has over me. I know that I'm sick of feeling sick, and I'm sure that the people around me are sick of me saying that I'm sick.  Not only that but I'm so tired, that I really just want to curl up and sleep for a very long time. That's really the big problem. When I get sick, I get tired, when I get tired all I can think of doing is sleeping. The problem is usually the last thing that ever comes to me is sleep.

In the last week I think I am averaging about four hours of sleep a night. There really isn't much to it other than my body is refusing me sleep. It must run in the family because Bean is also doing a lot of not sleeping. Maybe the two are related.

Bean is still the only thing keeping me going. She's doing this new thing now where she just laughs and laughs at nothing. Though tonight to be honest she was making burping noises, so that she would laugh. It was also hilarious. I think that I'm raising some sort of weird hilarious baby. It's possible. Or she just already loves to make people laugh. I'm pretty sure that she knows that if she just starts laughing for no reason that everyone else will start laughing. It works every time. She's a smart baby.

The only really bad thing about this whole thing is the fact that I haven't gotten anything done in the last week. By anything I mean writing of course. I've spent a great deal of time at my actual paying job, so that should help buy groceries and stuff.

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