Friday, July 27, 2012

Sleep Debt

While I love working nights, it's quiet, and I get a lot of reading done, I do seem to be about three times as tired as I would be if I worked days. The trade off is I am not nearly as panicky as I would be if I was working days. Also, believe it or not, I am getting more sleep. If I don't get more sleep the reason is simply because I wake up and play with my daughter for a bit rather than sleeping. That one is all me. Can't blame that one on work at all.

Still there are days when I wish I was like some people and could go for a long amount of time on very little sleep. Then maybe I would do better. Or maybe I just need one of those coffee IVs I hear people talking about.

I haven't worked 3 in a row in a very long time. I hope I make it through.

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