Monday, May 21, 2012

Trying to Learn

As I have already discussed or stated before, I really don't want to be nursing any more; I would much rather be writing. One thing that has become a major obstacle in doing this is the fact that I have no real experience in doing any of the freelance writing jobs. I don't even have a portfolio that is worth showing. I have a few outdated blog entries, and these few newer ones, that aren't very subject specific.

So the net few weeks I am hoping to be able to come up with a clear direction for this blog, or at the very least find my voice for this blog. When I asked one of my friends what is popular in the blogging world right now, she mentioned mom blogs are popular, and relationship blogs are popular, and same sex relationship blogs are popular. I have experience with all of those things, and to top that off experience with dealing with separation and all of the trouble that brings. I believe that I have the ability to help people, or for people to help me even (which if I'm honest is far more what I'm looking for).

At the same time as all of that I think that there are somethings in my life that are so funny how could I not share them? Especially some of the stories that I have about being a first time mom with a kid that's way smarter than I am.

I guess if anyone has any tips out there to help guide me in the right direction that would be wonderful. Mostly I want to create a discussion around any of the things above!

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