Friday, May 11, 2012

Questioning Life

Alright, blog time. I guess that I should try and give a good example of just who I am.

Mostly I'm a mom, in an interestingly creative mess. I say mess because I don't know a lot of people who got married, then got pregnant, then left their husband and is now living with a woman. That's just how I roll. (disclaimer: when I say mess, it's not really a mess, it was a mess last year, this year it's a hole).

I'm also an RN who is currently in the middle of switching floors because the in house bully fest that was the floor I was working on, no longer held the interest. If I'm supposed to do the job, then I needed to be on a floor that I had some interest in working in, especially if I am supposed to put up with the bullying that can happen with nurses. (More on this later)

I'm also a strong advocate for LGBT rights and equality. Though I also think that if we want to be equal then we have to consider each other equal first. (Same applies to women, we'd get further if we weren't so busy fighting each other).

There is a strong possibility that I will spend a lot of time discussing the day to day events in hopes that there are some people out there that have some advice with dealing with the many issues that I seem to come up with on any given day. I really don't have much on how to handle a lot of things, and while I hope that this blog does entertain people, I really am looking for some help of my own! I have no idea how to handle lots of the messes that I have come up with.

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