Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Okay people, It's not even interesting.

The one thing that has annoyed the crap out of me for the last two weeks, is the amount of articles dedicated to turning Kristen Stewart into some kind of villain for doing something that most people do. At the same time the media is doing this, they are glossing over the married man, and his wife and family. They are turning Rob Pattinson into some kind of mythological hero that has been wronged. Let me be one of the first to say: What the fuck is wrong with you people?

I mean that in a positive way I swear. First of all I think the entire situation is icky. For those of you who don't know what's going on, I could link you two about 20 different pages that would tell you in a very dramatic way, but I will instead summarize. Kristen and Rob are the stars of the wildly popular, (for reasons completely unknown to me), Twilight movies. They have been dating for something like three years. I dunno for sure cause that phenomenon has gone on too long, and I haven't paid that much attention. Kristen recently stared in Snow White and the Huntsman. Apparently when she was in that movie, she had a fling with the director of said movie. Now, here's where I get grossed out; the director is 41, and she is only 22. People seem to have no issue with this age thing. I do. I remember a time when we used to look at people who had some semblance of power over someone else, and them sleeping together as icky. Why doesn't that happen any more? Why isn't it even an something that is coming up? Why are we over looking this? Is it just so normal now for older men to pray on younger women, that we don't look at that any more? ICKY.

I do realize that she made a choice, and that she has to deal with the consequences. I don't think that's really the issue here. The bigger issue is why the general populous has made it their mission to decide just what consequences those are gonna be. It's not our life. It's not even almost our business, and no matter what people think, just because you appear on a movie screen, that does not mean that everyone in the world has a right to everything that happens in your life. It's a job. Is it a job that comes with more perks than most? Sure, but the way we treat actors and actresses now days is just despicable. It's gross.

The only reason why I am even talking about this right now, is because for whatever reason it wont go away. Also the comments that I have seen regarding Kristen are also very gross. It's not okay to say those things about anyone. I don't care if they are on a movie screen, and for whatever reason people have decided that, that means that she is a target for everything. It's just not okay. The more we think it's okay, the more that it's going to happen to our kids. Because we all know that in this day and age everyone who is on twitter is a target, and it's not just "celebrities".

If you wanna go to the "well she cheated, so she's a horrible person", route, that's just fine. I think it's important to note that 60% of men and 55% of women all cheat, but you know, I guess having a little over half the population deemed horrible is okay. Who cares right?

Monogamy totally works.

No on here is delusional.


  1. I agree the way we treat celebrities is messed up. Divorce appears to have become a spectator sport. I want to make a "Team mind your own damn business" T-shirt.

    1. Right? Fuck. It's gross. I don't even know where we decided we had the right to hear about this stuff.

  2. I think it's pretty horrid that of this whole stupid drama the 22 year old (unmarried) girl in a position of at least SOME professional inequality is being demonized. What about the married man with two kids? Ugh. I'm so sick of reality TV, celebrities, and idiot scandals I could just barf.

    I wonder how often those two have regretted doing Twilight (not just for the horrible story iteself, I mean, but for the notoriety factor). The US is disgusting when it comes to insane demands on the private lives of public figures.

    1. What happened to the actors being actors? What happened to caring about whether someone who gets elected is actually a sane human? Oh, that's right now it's way more important to care about if Kim Kardashian's ass is real! Fuck our priorities got all mussed up.