Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Day..

I was actually worried about Father's day this year. I am not particularly excited about having to share the baby on a day that I spend with my dad. I know it makes sense. I know that it needs to happen but that doesn't mean that I am happy about.

Today was a good day. Bean spend the morning and early afternoon with her dad, I went and picked her up and visited a bit, and then we went to my parent's house so that I could spend time with my own dad. Well the only person who wanted to spend time with him more was my daughter. I think, in fact I know that this made Papa's day.

Bean has always been more shy at my parent's house compared to her father's parent's. She doesn't get to seem them as much and so she doesn't know them as well as she does her other grandparents. I don't think it hurts that she is also much more pampered at the other grandparents house. She's allowed to be more of a princess, more protected maybe. At my parent's house she is allowed to run around and do everything she can do, within reason. They don't let her get hurt, but they let her explore.

Either way, she is usually not so friendly. It was nice today to see her snuggling up to my dad. It was nice that he got to spend time with his granddaughter when she wasn't yelling at him. The only time she did yell at him was when she wanted to be able to eat her supper next to him. It was wonderful.

It was a good day.

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